Chennai, December 5, 2019

Tern Voyages’ celebrates

A year of success in India!

Tern Voyages, a professional travel management company and tourism boutique in Chennai, celebrates one year of successful operations in the Indian travel market. In the last 12 months, Tern Voyages has serviced over 1000 customers to over 30 destinations, facilitated personal and official trips of over 20 film fraternity members and handled 3 film projects for overseas shoots.

Engaged in providing a very high quality of service standards across all facets of travel management, Tern Voyages has redefined ‘travel’ by spreading its wings and making its mark globally, offering a repertoire of travel services including domestic and international holidays, family vacations, group tours, honeymoon and romantic getaways, private celebrity and HNWI getaways, weekend breaks, ladies only tours, exclusive gentlemen trips, adventure and activity vacations, mother and child exclusive packages, film tourism and location management, to name a few.

One year ago, Manoj Dass, CEO, Tern Voyages Pvt Ltd, decided to open a Tourism Boutique in Chennai, his hometown. Bringing with him a wealth of experience spanning 20 years across multiple countries, he focused on his 3 areas close to his heart - niche destination holidays for HNWIs, student tours for international educational institutions and film tourism/ location management. “My dream of creating a game-changing destination management company has pleasantly surprised me, sooner than expected. Within a highly competitive and dynamic travel industry, it’s not easy to stand out. I owe the quick success of Tern Voyages to the support of my loved ones, the consistent efforts of my capable team, and my network of clients that believe in our ability to deliver a unique travel experience each time. This is only the beginning for our team”, says a delighted Mr. Dass.

Although the journey for the team began with a known network of clients, the company saw quick growth in customers, making a groundbreaking turnover in Y1. Vatsala Subramanian, (Vice President Operations) said, “Our repeat clients and referrals within our first year of operations, bears testimony that we focus on experiential travel, customer delight and value for money. Our customers itself have been our strongest marketing tool!”.

While Tern Voyages offers various packages to all kinds of travellers, the USP however, is the 'on-tour' virtual handhold, which ensures seamless coordination and delivery of commitment that reassures a memorable and a hassle-free holiday experience to every customer. “The entire team at Tern Voyages shares the same passion for travel experiences, and this is how we can deliver excellence in our products and offerings to customers,” added Mrs Sneha Manoj Dass, Director, Tern Voyages. Under the involved and motivating leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Dass, and backed by the required skill and expertise of the well-knit team members, the company has been able to deliver a customer-centric approach, attention to detail and bespoke travel itineraries to customers across all segments.

TernVoyages has initiated a CSR strategy in their operations, with the celebration of their First Anniversary, as part of which, the company will take about 10 children from an orphanage in Chennai by flight to Bangalore on 14th December 2019 to allow the kids to experience the joy of flying, aptly giving their CSR mission 'Everyone deserves to fly!’, a rightful meaning.

With over 20% repeat customers in just a year, this success story has planned its next chapter with expansion plans on the cards. The launch of its first branch office in Cochin, Kerala is scheduled for 29th December 2019. The Arctic Tern bird migrates across the globe at 35 to 40 km/hr, summing up to around 2.4 million km in its entire lifetime, the highest for any bird. With a similar vision to fly and given the speed at which the company has taken off, Tern Voyages is sure to fly high and fly places for a long period.

When 'Tern turns 1' on 23rd December 2019, it has a load of surprises and exciting offers in-store, for all its customers. Stay tuned.

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Tern voyages is a professional travel management company in Chennai, engaged in providing a very high quality of service standards, in practically all facets of travel management.